Welcome to the RPA

As operatives in the Reserve Police Agency, you are not actually in reserve, or truly police. In reality, you are newly placed members of a top secret international organization consisting of a few hundred members, operating in the shadows to do the jobs that, frankly, scare the shit out of many of the other groups seeking power in 1950s Berlin.

You are authorized to carry firearms, both concealed and not, but you do not have a license to kill. You aren’t trusted by most local officials, and may find yourself under scrutiny by local authorities. You have been thrust into a multinational organization to work with nationals that you may have exchanged fire with five years ago.

RPA members are chosen for their valor in combat, as volunteers, for their relevant contributions to their country, or possibly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The weak of mind and body do not survive long.

In your missions as an RPA operative, you will discover strange and unexplained phenomena, which could be of valuable use, or a deadly threat, in the third world war. There are dozens of organizations that may have enlisted your aid, or may be working against you. The shadows can hold allies or foes, and the only ones you can trust are your fellow operatives. Oh wait, they’re plotting against you too.

Best keep your trust to yourself

A Shadow of Doubt

Doubt Sneaky chautime terenewen