Colonel Myles Wright

A somewhat retired member of her majesty's royal air force, Wright is a grand example of the English stereotype. He is also responsible for briefing your team on their missions.


Sprightly, jovial, somewhat overweight and incredibly proper, Wright was an pilot in the war before his plane went down behind enemy lines. He saw things in France that would chill your bones, and joined the RPD soon after. He walks with a cane, favoring the leg that was injured in the crash.

Whatever his history, he comes across as a bumbling oaf. He wears a monocle, dresses in tweed, and smokes a pipe, which peeks out from under an impressive grey mustache.

Briefings with Wright are always accompanied by tea and perhaps a glass of sherry. He hums and haws his way through mission outlines, rambling off into irrelevant stories and pointless anecdotes. Frequently he will fall into lapses where he stares at the ceiling for long periods of time, as if cogitating on important matters. He will then launch back in to an entirely different part of the briefing.


Colonel Myles Wright

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