Creature 37 "Spinner"

The terror of the U-Bahn, this creature is seemingly indestructible and leaves a trail of strange bodies wherever it goes.


Characterized by the strange designs it spins out of everything it finds, the Spinner is a unique foe. Standing somewhere around six meters tall and at least 10 long, it is perhaps the greatest threat to an RPA agent. Avoid it at all costs.

Bullets seem to have no affect on it at all, although it curiously flees from gunfire. After numerous attempts to catch and destroy it have failed, this beast has been marked as a threat the RPA can do little about. As often as not, it seems to completely ignore passerby in the tunnels.

When it doesn’t though, it gruesomely weaves them into its strange creations, usually killing them in the process.

Attached is an artist’s sketch of the Spinner, as described by survivors’ accounts.


Creature 37 "Spinner"

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