Zoya Sorokin

The feisty hot Russian that committed adultery with Arkady.


Zoya was Arkady’s latest fling before being caught in the act by her husband, Igor. As Igor prepared to end Arkady’s life, Zoya moved to protect her new love by shooting Igor with his own gun. Unfortunately, Arkady has not reciprocated Zoya’s feelings, and the two have become separated since Arkady joined the RPA.

No matter what, Zoya still loves Arkady; feeling that in slaying her own husband she has earned the right to be by his side. She has begun searching for Arkady within Berlin, yet so far has not managed to track him down yet.

Action: 1
Influence: 5
Reason: 2

+ Seductive and Alluring
+ Contacts in high places
+ Optimistic
- Poor and clingy
- Alcoholic


Zoya Sorokin

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