Creatures of Berlin

Twisted forms of ruined humanity, their broken minds and bodies the result of misguided experiments. Undead soldiers forced to live the war forever as they rot. Interdimensional creatures torn from their native plane to wander the city in confusion. These are your foes, and hunting them is your job. In general terms, these creatures fall into three broad categories: Alternatives, Undead, and Incursors.

Alternatives, Die Veranderten

Creatures that once were human, but are now a horrible mockery of that humanity. Not all of these are evil, and not all are monsters, but most aren’t even sane. Twisted experimentation to unusual fields, spells, chemicals and operations have led to a whole series of creations.

Some of these tormented souls were volunteers, soldiers who were passionate to help the Nazi, or scientific, cause. Many were abducted from concentration camps, or were captured POWs. Often hideously deformed, these creations were created with one purpose in mind: to kill.

Some live functioning lives today, hiding among the citizens of Berlin. Many were killed in the war, or died shortly after their creation. Some hunt the streets by night, while others hide away underground, mourning their shattered lives and living off of the refuse of civilization. The vast majority are feral killers with ruined minds, a threat to themselves as much as others and driven mad by the atrocities they have endured.

The Dead, Spezieleinsatztruppen (STs)

As winter and the Red Army decimated Germany’s eastern front, a plot was hatched to keep the fight going. Deep in underground research facilities, the frozen, shot, and diseased corpses of fallen troops were tied down and re-animated by a combination of occult rituals, electromagnetism and bizarre preservatives pumped into their bodies.

They were shot by the thousands in the war, many dropping far from enemy lines, and resembling humans to an extent that they were largely unnoticed. Some of the more intelligent specimens, however, proved a horror on the battlefield.

Tales of bloodless “byelie khadaki”, or white walkers, were told around Russian campfires during the war. These pale creatures ignored gunfire, pain and cold, sometimes lying in wait below the snow and tearing their victims limb from limb with supernatural strength. Unable to prove these stories, the bodies discovered were dismissed as the work of animals.

Now the surviving STs wander the ruins, sewers, and subways of Berlin, preying on any that venture too close.

Incursors, Die Eindringlinge

Deep in hidden underground laboratories, mad Nazi scientists saw that the war was turning against them. In an effort to reverse the hands of history, they began to experiment with machinery on a grand scheme. Some wanted to travel back in time and change crucial mistakes in the war. Others wanted to travel to the future, and bring back powerful weaponry not yet invented. Still more sought to tear the fabric of space and time, bringing beings of untold power into the world from places beyond understanding.

The results were disastrous. Rifts were opened, and the horrors that spilled forth drove people mad. Explorers were lost, sometimes by the hundreds. Entire labs disappeared, leaving only twisted shadows and shifting shapes in the black pits where they once stood.

Intelligent beyond comprehension, or perhaps driven insane by the energies involved in their transport, Incursors do not belong in our world. Some are relatively peaceful, others deadly and powerful beyond measure. Their motivations are impossible to guess at, as are their abilities and strength.

Good Luck.

Creatures of Berlin

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