Christiane Robichaud

An androgynous former war correspondent with family ties to the French government..


Christiane Robichaud grew up in Paris, with affluent parents. Christiane’s father worked for the government. After being educated at the best of schools, Christiane joined the French army as a communications expert and errand-runner. Unfortunately, the war with Germany went south and France surrendered when Christiane was 22 years old.

Christiane managed to escape Paris under the stewardship of Commandante Gerard-Jean-Louis Prieur, who would remain Christiane’s commander throughout the war.

The group of soldiers who escaped Paris joined up with the French Resistance. Christiane passed most of the war moving up and down the border between France and Germany, working with the Allies and the Resistance to weaken Germany’s defenses.

When the war ended, Christiane’s efforts were remembered by the new French government, and that combined with Christiane’s extensive experience made Christiane an obvious choice for membership of the RPA.

Christiane Robichaud

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