Intelligence Organizations

Intelligence organizations active in Berlin


The British Experimental Rocket Beareau (BERB)

Publically, this group of learned scientists and archaeologists led by “The Professor” are a nonmilitary organization responsible for developing space and ballistic missiles. Rumor has it that they have been searching for twisted German technology among the ruins of Berlin, and that they have connections to various British military organizations.

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6)

The premiere British intelligence agency, the SIS are one of the least involved with Cold War events. Their actions are calculated and precise, and their members come from all walks of life and are incredibly capable.


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

You know them, you love them, the CIA. Like most other intelligence agencies, they are searching for German technology. Further though, they are competing with another rumored American organization already operating in Germany.

The Gehlen Organization (Sponsored by the CIA)

This organization employs operatives from many countries, including many former Nazi party members, SS and Gestapo. Their motivations are somewhat shadowy and unknown, but it is known that they are very interested int the RPA.

USAF 515th Intelligence Wing

Beyond their involvement with special operations during the war and their current interest in twisted technology, almost nothing is known about this enigmatic branch of the US Air Force.


GK-11 (State Committee 11)

Little is known about this organization other than that they answer to the highest Russian authorities and there are rumors that they have been conducting some bizarre experiments of their own, modeled after the Germans.


The MGB are the post-war predecessir of the KGB, Russian spies who have infiltrated more thoroughly into every facet of allied intelligence than any other. They are particularly known for their work in finding counter-nationals within their own country, though they have also been active both in Berlin and other countries across the globe.


Fiercly compettitive with the MGB (think CIA vs FBI), this intelligence agency has a longer history than the MGB, but lacks the strong Communist affiliation that makes the MGB so popular in current politics. Primarily a foreign intelligence agency, they are interested bizarre technology only so far as any potential for military application.


SDECE (External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service)

Created during the war, the SDECE is the primary military and civilian intelligence agency for France.

Department B

Part of the SDECE, Department B focuses on german twisted technology. They are underfunded, ramshackle, poorly organized, and primarily interested in destryong and forgetting as much of the twisted technology as possible. Rumor has it though, that some members have other ideas…

Intelligence Organizations

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