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Your Guide to Berlin, 1950

This wiki is designed to be your guide to the world of Cold City. I will add articles as I create them, and hopefully this will become more fleshed out as time passes. There are many organizations active in Berlin, some of them military, some of them espionage, and some of them civil.

The city has been divided into four quarters. West Berlin is broken up into the French Quarter, British Quarter, and American Quarter, while East Berlin is under the control of Russia.

Spies are everywhere, and information is a commodity often peddled by the Black Market. In addition, they sell food, weapons, clothing, tools, imports… really anything people need. Much like America during prohibition, everyone is involved in this trade, from students to townsfolk, businessmen and really anyone.

By day, Berlin is a struggling city, trying to recover after the war. Night, however, is an entirely different story. Since the final years of the war, the streets of Berlin aren’t safe after dark.

During the closing years of the war, Nazi scientists began to blur the lines between the normal and the paranormal. Most of these experiments were colossal failures, but many yielded viable, and often horrific, results. The progeny of this twisted technology now wander the dark places in Berlin. Disappearances are not uncommon, and local authorities have become far more cautious in their investigation of these missing people.

This is where you come in. As members of the RPA, Arkady Melnikov of Russia, Christiane Robichaud of France, Helen Brown of the United States, Izumi Kaito of Japan, Lars Mensch of Germany, and Lennore Williams of Great Britain have been tasked with hunting down these monsters and putting them down. You are to find the devices that created them, and destroy or repossess them.

Main Page

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